This is what Disney prince would look like in real life

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible transformation of your favorite cartoon characters into breathtaking real-life personas! With the power of AI, Hidreley Leli Diao, a talented artist from Brazil, has created stunningly handsome and charming versions of these beloved anime characters that will simply take your breath away.

Imagine meeting your dream anime crush in real life - it's now possible thanks to Diao's tireless efforts and skillful use of Photoshop and three mobile apps. The 40 hours of meticulous work and dedication that went into this project is evident in every detail of these stunning transformations. Get ready to be inspired and captivated as you witness this incredible artistic journey unfold before your very eyes!

Peter Pan
Source : Disney Cartoon Lover

Source :Disney Cartoon Lover

Source:Disney Cartoon Lover

Flynn Rider 
Source :Disney Cartoon Lover

Source Disney Cartoon Lover

Prince Narveen
Source :Disney Cartoon Lover

Captain John Smith 
Source :Disney Cartoon Lover

Prince Eric 
source :Disney Cartoon Lover

Source:Disney Cartoon Lover

Source: Disney Cartoon Lover


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