Experience the Best of Jim Thorpe's Autumn Delights

The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway is one of the finest sightseeing trains in the northeastern United States. It is situated near a 140-year-old historic train station. When you visit, you can take a ride in a coach from the 1920s and travel along the Lehigh River into the picturesque Leehigh Gorge State Park, all the way to Old Penn Haven.

Step onto the train, and you can choose to sit in an enclosed or open-air coach that dates back to the 1920s. This train journey covers a distance of 16 miles, allowing you to experience the beauty of the Pennsylvania wilderness. Along the way, you'll be able to explore the stunning Pocono Mountains and learn about how anthracite coal played a significant role during the industrial revolution. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the Lehigh Gorge.

The train operates exclusively on weekends and holidays, starting from late May and continuing until late December. This ensures that you have the chance to experience this memorable journey and take in the natural beauty and historical significance of the area during those times.

Tickets for the train ride can be purchased directly at the train station on the day you plan to depart. However, please be aware that there might be a lengthy queue. The usual schedule for the train includes departures at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm each day. Do note that the schedule could vary based on the specific day of the week. It's a good idea to consult the train schedule to obtain all the necessary details.

Ordinary trips typically span around 70 minutes. However, during October, when there's a higher demand, the rides are shortened to 45 minutes. The train sets off from the station situated at 1 Susquehanna Street, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229. Ticket prices vary based on your preferred seating location.

Remember to check the train schedule to find out the exact timings, especially if you plan to visit during October or if you have a specific time in mind.


For the standard coach, adult tickets are priced at $17. Children aged 3 to 12 can get tickets for $9, while children under 2 can ride for free. Alternatively, you have the option to reserve a caboose party, which accommodates up to 6 people, at a cost of $125.

If you're planning an outing with your family or a special someone, consider embarking on a journey through the scenic Pocono Mountains.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, the open-air cars offer an excellent choice. These cars boast spacious picture windows, allowing you to relish the fresh air and providing panoramic views. The seating arrangement consists of benches placed in the middle, offering unobstructed vistas of the beautiful scenery.

Tickets for this open-air experience are priced at $23 for adults, $10 for children aged 3 to 12, and children under 2 are granted free entry. Notably, even pet friends  are welcome  and wheelchair accessible on the fall foliage train ride.

Additionally, the train station visitor center has public restrooms available for your convenience

The best time to visit Jim Thorpe is anytime during the year, but October is especially busy due to the Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage festival. This is when you'll see many shops and streets bustling with people and adorned with fall and Halloween decorations in this historic tourist town.

The fall foliage is at its best around mid to late October, as per the fall foliage forecast. You can check the Pennsylvania fall foliage report to know when the leaves will be most vibrant in different color zones, helping you plan your trip accordingly.

Jim Thorpe is about 90 minutes from Philly, approximately 2 hours from New York City, and about 2.5 hours from New Jersey. It's nestled in the Lehigh Gorge of the Pocono Mountains. Jim Thorpe holds onto its Victorian era charm as a coal mining and railroad town.

When you visit this adorable town nestled in the Pocono Mountains, you'll instantly be captivated by its charm.

Jim Thorpe is an old town rich in history. It has a fascinating past that includes wealthy individuals whose influence can still be seen in the grandeur of its Victorian mansions. The main street is Broadway, which runs through the heart of Jim Thorpe. The town is surrounded by breathtaking mountains, charming inns, lovely views, and beautiful Victorian-style architecture, including homes, buildings, and mansions. You'll find many places to eat, cute shops, cafes, boutiques, pubs, and artist shops, all decked out for the fall season. It's a wonderful spot to spend time with your favorite person. One of the reasons why many consider Jim Thorpe the top fall destination in the Pocono Mountains, PA, is because of the great shopping opportunities.

source :visitjimthorpepa /instergram 

Many of the historic buildings have been transformed into restaurants, shops, eateries, museums, and galleries. You'll notice the town's rich history all around you.

In short, Jim Thorpe is a charming place with a lot to offer. It's a great spot to enjoy history, natural beauty, and shopping, making it a perfect destination for a memorable getaway.


When you arrive in Jim Thorpe, you'll notice parking available on your right near the train station. There's a fee for parking in this area. However, during the fall season, finding a parking spot here can be quite challenging. This is especially true on weekends in October when many people come to enjoy the beautiful fall colors in Pennsylvania. The big parking lot on Route 209 is a good option for parking, but even there, it might be hard to find a spot, especially during the holiday season.

The Origin of the Name 'Jimthope'"

In the past, this small town was called "Mauch Chunk," which means "bear mountains" in a simple way. Jim Thorpe is a famous American legend. He was the first Native American to win an Olympic medal. The town of Jim Thorpe needed help in its economy in 1954. Shortly after Jim Thorpe passed away, his wife wanted to honor him and his accomplishments. Jim Thorpe is buried in a monument in the town that remembers his life. Interestingly, Jim Thorpe never actually visited the Mauch Chunk area, as he was originally from Oklahoma.

source :visitjimthorpepa /instergram 

In 2012, this town was chosen as the fourth most beautiful town in the United States.

40 minutes Horse wagon ride

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If you're interested in a delightful carriage ride, you have two options at the 100 Miles View in Jim Thorpe: a 1-hour horseback trail ride or a 40-minute horse wagon ride. Both let you take in the stunning fall foliage while you relax and enjoy the view.

For the horseback trail ride, you'll be riding on a horse along scenic trails. It's a more interactive experience where you get to guide the horse and truly connect with the surroundings. If you're looking for a bit of adventure, this is a great choice.

if you prefer a leisurely ride, the horse-drawn wagon ride is perfect. You'll be comfortably seated in a wagon while horses pull you along. It's a relaxed way to soak in the beauty of the fall foliage without any riding skills needed.

To learn more and make a reservation, you can visit the Jim Thorpe Horse Adventure website:jimthorpehorseadventures.com. This experience promises to be a wonderful way to enjoy the fall scenery in Jim Thorpe.

The Old Jail Museums:

These museums are located on the other side of town, far from the train station. Most people know them as the Carbon County Jail. This place served the community from 1870 to 1995. Inside its walls, some famous people like Mally Maguire were hanged. Some folks even say you can still see the hand print of one of them on a cell wall. When you visit, you'll get to see the solitary confinement area, the main cell block, the warden's living space, and more. During fall, they also have popular ghost tours.

For more information, you can visit their website: http://www.theoldjailmuseum.com/

Visit the Amazing Asa Packer Mansion:

Come see the stunning Victorian architecture of the Asa Packer Mansion. Asa Packer was responsible for building the Le high Valley Railroad and starting Lehigh University. This mansion was created by Architect Addison Hutton and was built in 1874. It's a 2 ½ story house made of red brick, designed in the Italianate style. The front has a porch made of green Vermont sandstone and a bell tower connected to a two-story addition. This mansion was given as a wedding gift from Asa Packer to his son Harry Packer.

The mansion has a special roof style called a Mansard roof, along with unique features like Keyhole and bay windows, decorative corbels, fancy brick patterns, and charming hood moldings. It was the home of Asa Packer.

To visit:

Adults (Age 19-54) pay $12.00

Senior Citizens (Age 55+) pay $10.00

Students (Ages 6-18) pay $9.00

Children (Ages 5 and under) pay $6.00

Experience the Harry Packer Mansion Inn:

You can find the Harry Packer Mansion Inn in the Victorian village of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. Sitting on top of Packer Hill, the mansion overlooks the town like a guardian. The mansion's front is quite impressive and could remind you of a Gothic novel. In fact, its design even caught the attention of Disney World's "Haunted Mansion."

However, the inside of the mansion is far from spooky. With fifteen-foot ceilings, a marble fireplace, and fancy mirrors, it reflects the elegance of the Victorian era. The guest rooms in the mansion and the nearby carriage house are filled with antique furniture, comfortable fabrics, and carefully chosen art. All the rooms have queen-sized beds and private bathrooms. Some bathrooms have extra features like sitting areas, electric fireplaces, and whirlpool tubs.

Beyond offering places to stay, the mansion also hosts wine tastings, events, and private gatherings.

Beltzville State Park

Beltzville State Park is a big nature area in Pennsylvania, USA. It's 2,972.39 acres big and located in Franklin and Towamensing Townships in Carbon County. The park is around Beltzville Lake and people like to go there to fish. People can catch different kinds of fish like striped bass, largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, walleye, perch, and muskellunge.

Hunting is allowed in the park. People who hunt need to follow the rules from the Pennsylvania Game Commission. You can hunt animals like ruffed grouse, squirrels, pheasants, ducks, white-tailed deer, and rabbits, but you can't hunt groundhogs there.

Hickory Run State Park

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One of the special trails at Hickory Run State Park takes you to Hawk Falls, a beautiful waterfall that is 25 feet tall. This trail is really popular. Hickory Run State Park is in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains and it's only about 1.5 hours away from Philadelphia.

The trail is about 10 miles roundtrip, and there's a nice bonus: free parking at the start of the trail. You can find the trailhead just off PA 534, a bit past the turnpike bridge. You're allowed to bring your dogs along, but make sure to keep them on a leash.

Mauch Chunk Opera House

The Mauch Chunk Opera House, once called the Capitol Theater, is a theater in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, USA. It was built in 1881 by the architect Addison Hutton on Millionaires Row. Over time, it has been updated and improved to keep it looking nice and modern.

Throughout the year, you can enjoy a variety of entertainment at this place. They have classic rock, bluegrass, jazz, folk music, theater shows, and special events. It's a place where you can experience lots of different kinds of performances.

Pocono Biking Adventures:

Pocono Biking has exciting trips that combine biking with hiking and whitewater rafting. They also offer longer adventures over multiple days. In Jim Thorpe, you can enjoy bike train rides through Lehigh Gorge State Park, among other cool things. The prices for these trips are quite reasonable. If you visit Pocono Biking, you can ride the biking trail and explore the stunning beauty of Jim Thorpe while cycling in the Poconos.

Muggle Mug: A Magical Harry Potter-Themed Café

Source :https://www.facebook.com/groups/lehighvalleyfood

source  :https://www.facebook.com/groups/lehighvalleyfood

Step into the enchanting world of Muggle Mug, a delightful coffee shop with a Harry Potter theme. If you're a true fan of Harry Potter, this place is a must-visit. It's almost like walking into a spot from Hogwarts or Diagon Alley. They even offer cookies and treats that match the Harry Potter theme, making the experience extra special.

At Muggle Mug, you can sit back and enjoy watching Harry Potter movies. Don't miss their scrumptious maple latte, crafted with white chocolate, maple, and a hint of cinnamon. For those feeling adventurous, the Frozen Deathly Hallows is a treat to try, featuring flavors of chocolate and orange.

The café is adorned with all things Hogwarts, including the Sorting Hat. This spot is a dream come true for both Harry Potter fans and coffee enthusiasts alike.

For more information, you can visit their website: https://mugglesmug.com/

Rainbow's End: A Sweet Escape

Calling all those with a sweet tooth! Rainbow's End is the place for you. Situated in the heart of Jim Thorpe, this candy shop is not only adorable but also brings back the charm of days gone by. The shop has a charming and quaint appearance that takes you back in time, giving off wonderful vintage vibes. Stepping into this enchanting space feels like a journey to the past.

source :https://bearmountainbutterflies.com

Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary

The Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary is a fantastic place for families and field trips. Besides butterflies, you'll find frogs and fish there too. The sanctuary has a special center for learning and a room where kids can get creative. There's also a shop with nature-themed gifts. Inside the flutterarium, you can watch butterflies up close and even feed them by hand. If you're thinking of a unique spot for a birthday party, the sanctuary is available. They have a whole package with balloons, crafts, goody bags, and kits to help butterflies hatch.

You'll discover all this information and more on their website: https://bearmountainbutterflies.com/


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